King Physical Therapy, Martinsburg, WV

Our Practice

Since 2005, our mission has been for every patient to have a GREAT experience with us, so that each patient will WANT to tell their friends and family how they too can decrease their pain, improve their function and overall quality of life from our services.

We pride ourselves on providing patient centered, individualized care that allows us to spend quality time with each patient.

We have McKenzie trained therapists which utilize the “McKenzie Method“. This method of rehabilitation is an approach based on sound principles and fundamentals that allow patients to get better and be able to manage their own condition.

We are also heavily influenced by the work of Gary Gray, PT (the “Father of Function”). With an emphasis on function, all of our treatment interventions are given with the purpose of progressing our patients towards their personal goals as quickly as possible.

Our patients often say after their first visit, they feel at ease walking into our clinic because of our uplifting and professional environment. We believe having this environment truly helps our patients achieve exceptional results. We hope you get to experience this first hand.