Patient Testimonials

  • Before my shoulder surgery, I had great difficulty doing small tasks such as washing my hair. I even contemplated cutting it to make it easier. I’m so glad I didn’t! Thanks to King Physical Therapy I can wash my hair with ease! After my surgery, I truly had concerns that I would never get back to the normal shoulder movement I remembered before the injury. It didn’t help listening to other horror stories from friends and acquaintances. But again, thanks to KPT, I’m almost back to normal!!

    Kirsten A.

  • I have had a wonderful experience here at King PT once again. I came in with knee stiffness and pain, with much difficulty in climbing stairs. Now after a few weeks, the therapists have me pain-free and jogging upstairs!!

    Paige W.

  • After suffering for years, I began to think I would have to live with my neck and back pain. I didn’t think I would be able to run again, and now I plan on training for a marathon! The PT here fixed and healed my issues that caused me grief for years!

    Deneil B.

  • The exercises given to me during my therapy sessions completely changed me from life with pain to normal, no pain living! They listen here and gave me modifications to any exercise that I couldn’t do.

    Donna U.

  • My experience has been very positive. I tried physical therapy other places prior to my hip replacement surgery and was not pleased. When my surgeon recommended physical therapy, I was skeptical. I thought I would get stronger on my own, over time. Therapy here is very different from my previous experience. My therapy was very specific to my needs, and the attention to detail made the difference. When I did stretches and exercises here, the therapist made sure I was doing them correctly, correcting me and even demonstrating. This helped me doing them at home and helped me get stronger faster. I am back to work full time and able to walk the dog the one mile we used to do before my hip started giving me problems. I would recommend King Physical Therapy to anyone!

    Kathleen T.

  • I had been suffering from back pain and sciatica for more than a year before coming to King PT. I tried everything from other PT, to three spinal injections, to a chiropractor, all without benefit. King PT quickly put me on a track to improvement, and I can now do pretty much anything without pain or after effects. The very close monitoring, feedback loops, willingness to change the approach if not effective, and teaching the client how are keys to success. Great team, Great interaction, and Great outcome! Thanks!!

    Allen T.

  • I have been to many massage therapists over the years without a resolution to my lower back pain. Since coming here, my lower back pain is completely 100% gone! I have done things that would have caused me extreme pain but yet I was still pain-free. They are so compassionate and listen to your complaints. AMAZING!! I am so appreciative.

    Gary O.

  • I came to King Physical Therapy in late September to be evaluated for severe pain in my lower back. I had developed a limp and my posture and gait were being affected. Steroid injections and traditional therapies did not work. The McKenzie Method cured my pain! In four short weeks, I was discharged PAIN-FREE! My experience at KPT exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much! You changed my life!

    Mike K.

  • I have had back pain for years. The pain got to the point I was unable to run or do weight training. My PCP referred me to a neurosurgeon for major back surgery to correct my spine. The surgeon would not attempt a procedure without first trying injections and PT. I haven’t had an injection for over a month. I have been able to start running and do weight training again with minimal to no pain! The staff at King PT was absolutely fabulous!

    Travis S.

  • I had been having neck/back pain for several years. An over-the-counter medication for pain was the only therapy my primary care doctor prescribed. In just a matter of doing exercises here for three weeks, the pain is gone!

    Craig S.

  • I am amazed at the recovery I have had and reduction of pain. Two weeks ago, I could barely walk, sit, or stand without major pain in my lower back. Today, I have no pain doing these things! I did try to be a good patient and follow directions and home exercises and they certainly helped. Overall, I could not be more pleased!

    James W.